domingo, mayo 9

Via Ciencia Maldita, últimas imágenes del naufragio, para Joseph de Maistre que debe estar ríendo en algún lugar del cielo, o del infierno.

UPDATE at 00.31am local time. A late night is turning into an all-nighter. As a rule, the first hours after midnight are the hardest at EU summits. No news has reached us for a while down here, and colleagues are milling around having gloomy conversations about the future of the euro: what is the safest place to stick money if the euro goes under, was one debate in which I took part. Swiss francs, said a Swiss colleague. Property, insisted another. I was sure I had read of a study that found good-quality farmland in neutral, wealthy countries had held its value through all modern crises, I volunteered. There are sleeping correspondents in the main press theatre. In an unusually intercontinental touch for us Brussels provincials, the idea has taken hold that a deal must be reached before markets open in Asia. People are discussing what time Tokyo opens, with a slightly desperate air. New Zealand is already open, it is being said. Nobody has the energy to work out if that is (a) true, or (b) means a thing.

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